Take charge of your generalized myasthenia gravis (gMG)

Symptom management doesn’t have to be out of reach

Treat a conversation with your doctor as a big deal

Be sure to tell your doctor all the ways that gMG symptoms impact your daily life.


Conversation Starters 1 of 3

What symptoms have been bothering you the most and why?

Conversation Starters 2 of 3

How have these symptoms affected you physically? Have you seen any changes in your symptoms since your last visit?

Conversation Starters 3 of 3

When do these symptoms normally occur? Do they occur at a certain time of day? Are they after repetitive motion?

What works for someone else’s gMG symptoms may not work for you. Speak up about all the ways you’re impacted, and ask your doctor to talk to you about the different options for symptom management.
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Discussion Guide

Engage with your doctor

Fill out this guide to help support productive conversations with your doctor.

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Learn more about gMG

Read a patient brochure about gMG, including how to keep track of your gMG symptoms.

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Talk to your kids about gMG

Order a copy of Klara’s Talent, a children’s book about gMG.


Dive into your gMG experience

Understand your unique symptoms and how they impact areas of your life.


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Attend an event to learn more about gMG and meet others who are affected

Find a gMG event

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